Patrik Markstedt


My motivation lies in creating good user experiences by identifying the underlying needs of individuals and organizations. A solution must solve a problem without creating a new one, and it is in this role that I as UX designs comes in and where I want to thrive. My friends would say I'm a go "göteborger" with a passion for technology and graphic design. I like to check out new technology and can sometimes be seen as an early adopter. I'm not late to analyze the user experience and are happy to discuss suggestions for improvements and ideas. As a former chef, food and drink are high in courses, something I like to enjoy with friends and family. When the latest technology purchases are configured and the slow cooker is on. I like to take my mountain bike out for a spin on the trails of Delsjöns in Gothenburg! (but on rainy days, I instead enjoy a game session on the television or computer!) Recently I also added hunting and competitive shooting to the list of enjoyable activities to perform. This is me, Patrik Markstedt, in brief.

Link to my: CV

Roles - Digitaldesigner

  • User experience design
  • Service design 
  • Graphic illustration
  • Branding
  • Business development
  • Project management
  • Internet of things

True sustainability includes a design that meets social, economic and ecological needs today, without damaging tomorrow!

Questions about me, my projects or to meet up and discuss design over a coffee or glass of "juice"?

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